Is this just me when learning new stuff I just cant get I Cant get it through my head,. Why?

I sound like i’m dumb because I am

Why me

Someone around the world will have a brain like Albert Einstein And i am A FISH Brain


Being you and not the Fake

I can write and write until I bore you so I’m keeping this short

No matter what you look like and what you are You DO NOT need to change yourself so you can mix in with the rest Be Different Be Unique Be Yourself !

I know sometimes it hurts being you but if we all were someone  then no one would know WHO WE WERE

so Lets all be the person we ARE !!!!!

Going Offline



I’m Just A girl,I am not prettiest girl you will ever meet but I’m not the richest person you’ll meet. But I’m not Going to change for those who think its OKAY to Jude our cover without opening it.

But Girl ,Your Wrong No matter how hard you try to make me feel that I’m UGLY AND CHANGE MYSELF FOR YOU! It isn’t going to happen.

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Intro about me [Wiki]

Hey ,this blog is anonymous so basically I’m wiki as you call it and I’m going to share blogs that make me and you similar.

But I don’t know about you but when we start new terms new school year I feel that I wont be able to be who I was in my previous years I have these sinking thoughts ‘Will she hate me for not replying to her’ Or any little pity stuff Etc….

Comment below for Me [wiki] to write something that you want me to write about

So I have ambitions and they are Big when I mean Big I seriously mean big. But when you have these sinking feelings that will I be able to do this you start question yourself and giving negative sense around you.

One thing I’ve learnt is

Aim High & Dream Big